A big day for our stallions on 29th August. We took Multicolor II GF, Crowns Wonder Pearl and Ameretto M to the ZfDP Stallion Grading. The ZfDP is a WBFSH Continental Studbook and this was the first ever stallion grading to take place in the UK.

It was a long day, which seemed to be proceeded by an even longer week although, it was all worth while when the stallions came out looking super and behaving very well.

Multicolor, who was presented the the panel of 3 German judges first, set the standard of the day with an impeccable trot up, followed by a faultless performance loose and over fences. He then produced a calm and settled ridden show and super triangle work. Needless to say he was awarded Premium and we are thrilled. The following day Multicolor's owner, Joanne Margossian, presented some of his foals from 2009 and again came away with super comments and Premium Gradings.

Multicolor ridden


Crowns Wonder Pearl and Ameretto M both did exceptionally well.

For Ameretto's first outing since his arrival he found the day long and tiring but showed his ability and scope over a fence with out a shadow of a doubt.


Crowns Wonder Pearl also gave a beautiful loose jumping demonstration and perfomed well under saddle as one of only 6 stallions brought forward to the ridden demonstration.

BP jump ZfDP.JPG

BP -trot-straight.JPG

A super day was had and thanks go to all of our helpers and to the ZfDP for organising the event.