May 2009 News

Stallion Parade Invitation

Athen's Mumbo Jumbo and Athens Abercadabra have very kindly been invited to the Stallion Parade at Rutland Show on 7th June. The stallion parade is being sponsored by Gemini Stud ( so lets hope for a lovely day.

Our Jack Russell girls are expecting puppies.

Penny and Tupence are both expecting puppies in the first week of June. Penny is aiming for 6 and Tupence, first time mummy, is aiming for 4. Watch this space for very cute terrier puppy pictures.

'Crown's Wonder Pearl' has been tested for the agouti gene.

The results came in today so now we can hopefully be even more accurate when asked about possible colours - results as follows:

Agouti Test: AA- Homozygous - The horse is positive for the Agouti (Bay) gene, and has inherited the trait from both parents. Since Agouti only acts upon Black coat colour to cause the Bay appearance, this testing outcome makes no visual difference to your Cremello. The homozygous Agouti result does indicate however, that if Crown's Wonderful Pearl is ever mated to a Black or Bay mare, all of his foals will be Buckskin, or Palomino, never smokey Black.