Brackenspa Foals 2010

We here at Brackenspa are pleased to introduce you to our new additions for 2010. We will endeavour to keep this page up-to-date so you can see our new arrivals as they are born.

June 13th began as a normal Sunday, all the broodmares went out and we got all the visiting mares ready for the daily vet visit - low and behold do Sunday mornings ever go to plan! At 10am Blanka, owned by Michelle Randalla decided that today was the day and gave birth to a super black and white filly foal by MultiColor in the field- pictured her at 3hrs old back in her stabled she is a beautiful, unique filly - more pictures to come!


Saturday 12th June saw the arrival of another Buckskin Colt for Crowns Wonder Pearl, Alice. owned by the Cranfield family gave birth to a healthy, big colt. Congratulations and pictures to follow.

Monday June 7th saw the arrival of our 2nd Mumbo Jumbo baby, a super bay colt our of our mare Claremont - a bold chap just like his father! FOR SALE


On Friday the 4th June we wondered if our prayers had been answered! As the long white legs kept coming and coming we had our fingers and toes crossed for a Buckskin and White Tobiano colt. Please let me introdure Brackenspa Sameske - By Samaii, son of Sambertino out of our cremello mare Szoszke.


The 31st of May was a very special night - our first filly by Athens Mumbo Jumbo, full sister to Brackenspa Grafs RD we have very high hopes for this beautiful lady. Her stable name is Fern.



The 29th of May became the busiest night of the year so far for Brackenspa Stud - 3 foals in 59 minutes!

First to arrive was Lucy Illingworths filly foal by Brief Encounter out of her mare Ellie.


Second, a ver striking filly by Addonis out of Michelle Hitts mare Rhapsody


And thirdly, a super coloured colt by Resident Gypsy out of the lovely TB mare Gabbi. Aptly named Louis. FOR SALE


The arrival of this Primative Star colt at 9.55pm on Monday 24th May gave us a happy start to the week. Congratulations to Mel and new mummy Pacha.


Could this be a double? On 23rd May at 4.30am Cyder gave birth to a Buckskin and White colt by Crowns Wonder Pearl. He is almost the spitting image of his full brother Brackenspa Wonder Quartz. FOR SALE


The 22nd of May saw the arrival of a very special colt foal by Multicolor II. The chances of our bay mare Braeburn producing a Palomino foal from MC was 0.78% - she does like to keep us on our toes. Aptly named Brackenspa Multi-McLean, full brother to Brackenspa Multi-Concept we are looking forward to seeing what similarities they have - colour not being one of them! FOR SALE


The first foal for Driftins White Choice, congratulations to Tinsel and Julie on their beautiful baby.


At 7.45 pm on 18th May Maddison gave bitrth to a beautiful filly called Lily. This Crowns Wonder Pearl filly is a first for Maddison and Jo. Congratulations


Congratulations to Jo Morton on her super filly foal by Multicolor II. Macey foaled at 9.50 pm on 16th May.


The second Crowns Wonder Pearl foal for Jo Savage. A buckskin colt born on 15th May - one of each - well done!


Total Eclipse gave birth to her first foal on 14th May 2010. A strapping colt by Weston Justice. Congratulations to Vicki.


The night of Sunday May 9th saw the arrival of yet another Crowns Wonder Pearl colt! Prada one of our foundation mares gave birth to a full brother to Brackenspa Wonder Carnelian. Both mare and foal doing very well. FOR SALE


On 7th May Wania, a visiting mare foaled. She had a super filly by King of The Hill - unfortunately due to a very busy 25hrs we were unable to get pictures of her before she went home. Congratulations and good luck to Jennifer Caley.

Another busy night at Brackenspa! Millie produced her first foal by Multicolor on 6th May. Although we are not quite sure of his colour yet he is a true poppet with the most gorgeous head! FOR SALE


The 6th of May brought the arrival of our second Resident Gypsy baby. A big, strapping red and white colt. Hopefully he will follow in the shoes of his brother (see news page) FOR SALE


The 2nd May saw the arrival of the first Abercadabra foal for 2010. A super chestnut colt. Congratulations to the North Family - especially Mandy - and too Soley.


The 30th of April saw the arrival of Arthur's full sister. A super black filly. Congratulations to Joan and Fantasia.


Although not a newborn picture how could we not use this one! Congratulations to Jo at Cliff Farm Livery on the arrival of her first foal by Crowns Wonder Pearl this year. Custard, a super palamino colt arrived in the early hours of April 29th.


Another filly for Crowns Wonder Pearl. A super palamino from Sandra Larkin's mare Tigerlilly, born early morning on Wednesday 28th April. BOTH MARE AND FOAL FOR SALE


The 17th April became a busy day and also saw the arrival of our first foal by Resident Gypsy for 2010. Unsurprisingly a big colt with a white face, white legs and a white splash on his tummy. His dam Athens Bright Spark is very proud of her baby - stable name Bernie! FOR SALE


On the 17th April Charlie gave birth to a super bright bay filly by Ragazzo. Congratulations to Vanessa and family, well worth the wait.


The second filly for Howdale Bloodstock! By With Approval out of Bromeigan arrived at 5.25am on 8th April.


The first Buckskin of 2010 for Crowns Wonder Pearl out of Regal Lady owned by Philippa Dixon-Warren - as yet un-named! A strapping colt. FOR SALE


A super colt foal arrived for Howdale Bloodstock on 2nd April. By Sir Percy out of the broodmare Penlanfeigan.


The first external foal of 2010 - a super palamino filly by Crowns Wonder Pearl out of a lovely big chestnut mare - Sherry - born on the same evening as Felix. It has been a while in the making but congratulations to Janet and to Sherry on their new addition Tia!


At last on March 28th Faith gave bith to a colt foal - nick named Felix - a month late! She kept us all in suspence! Congratulations to Liz Smith


On 22nd March Zinia gave birth to a very friendly bay colt foal. Congratulations to Helen.


On Sunday 14th March just after 7pm Sharp Dresser a beautiful TB mare owned by Howdale Bloodstock gave birth to her first foal - Maya - sire Tiger Hill (IRE). Congratulations!

sd-maya.jpg /images/sadie-filly.jpg

26th February 2010, 'Annabell' Buckskin & White Filly (Crowns Wonder Pearl x Annie XVIII). Sold to Gemma Andrews and officially named Brackenspa Wonder Girl.