Weaning service

The weaning of your mare and foal can be a stressful time for all involved. It is our aim to make it as stress free as possible. To do this we try and wean foals in pairs or more. We introduce all visiting mares to one or two of our own mares and foals. As the foals grow in confidence it becomes obvious whom they have made friendships with and these friendships are carried through the weaning process.

Foals are separated from their dams into large loose boxes, the dams are turned out in groups well out of sight and earshot. The foals generally spend two to three days stabled and are then turned out in their weaning groups. Of coures at this point either mare or foal could return home.

All of our fields are designed and fenced with youngstock in mind, stock fencing is designed to reduced the likelyhood of escape or injury. All newly weaned foals and their dams are closely watched by experienced stud staff.


Mare and Foal livery prior to weaning (at grass) £12.00/day
Mare and Foal livery prior to weaning (stabled) £17.50/day
Weaning (duration 1 week) £200
Post weaning Foal (stabled, inc. hay/hard feed) £15/day
Post weaning Mare (at grass, inc. hay/hard feed) £6.50/day

Please Note: The above costs do not include, farrier, worming or veterinary attention.

Prices correct as of November 1st 2013

3 foals in a field