Stud Farm Facilities

Brackenspa Stud Farm is situated in Bourne, South Lincolnshire. Although we are a newly established stud, our facilities have been specifically designed and built with one job in mind.

Our foaling boxes are all 15x20 and are located in a barn to allow good ventilation but protection from the elements. All boxes are monitored by C.C.T.V which even allow us to record your mare foaling if you so wish. All mares wear up to date foaling alarms.

We have stocks to aid in the scanning, swabbing and insemination of mares.

All our paddocks, designated specifically for mares and foals, are stock fenced and are of varying sizes to allow mares and foals to graze in a pair or in a herd. We have an indoor and outdoor school, a horse walker, solarium and wash box.

The veterinary services that we offer are carried out by Tower Equine veterinary practice (Tower Equine Fertility). We can organise everything that your mare needs to aid producing that all so important foal. Veterinary packages are offered on an optional basis and all work is billed direct to the owner. Veterinary packages include all visits, routine stud work and ultrasound scans until your mare is confirmed in foal.

All the staff here at the stud are well-trained with plenty of experience. Our aim is for your mare, or indeed mare and foal, to feel safe, secure, well fed and loved as much as if they were at home with you. All our horses, visiting or otherwise, are treated like our own and all individual requirements can be met; from feeding to care we shall do our best to please.

Natural Service and Artificial Insemmination Keep Costs

Grass keep £10.00/day
Stabled at night £15.00/day
Grass keep plus foal £12.50/day
Stabled plus foal £17.50/day