Foaling Service

As mare owners ourselves we understand the anxieties related to the birth of your foal. Here at Brackenspa we have purpose built foaling boxes 15'x20', CCTV linked directly into the House (kitchen, office and bedroom!!) and all mares are fitted with foaling alarms at least 3 weeks prior to their due date - or on arrival at stud.

We have an experienced foaling team on site to assist your mare through the foaling process. In the event of veterinary intervention Roger Lee at Tower Equine Fertility is based very close by and all mares and foals are given a full health check post foaling.

All mares are fed a specific stud diet supplemented with hay/haylage and daily turnout is avaliable.


Foaling fee £175
Foaling fee if returning to Brackenspa Stud Stallion £150
Mare livery pre foaling (stabled) £15/day
Mare and foal livery (stabled) £17.50/day

Prices correct as of December 1st 2012


Mare and foal

Mare and foal