2012 News

It has been another busy year for us all at Brackenspa Stud this year.

We have foaled down 33 mares, the first of which was Philippa Dixon-Warren's mare, Moorlands Mystic Gold in February and the last mare Caroline Ward's Brookwater Anastasia who managed to hold on til the middle of June and waited a massive 401 days!!!

All our stallions have been busy out competing with great success.  Crowns Wonder Pearl started his eventing career, Multicolor II and Dunhill Pursuit have been out doing dressage and Athens Mumbo Jumbo and Ameretto M have been showjumping.  Ameretto has also braved the winter dressage circuit.  The young stallions wil hopefully be out and about next year, so watch this space for Dunhill Desert Storm and our exciting new addition, a few spot knabstrupper colt, Sartors Sniper (page to follow shortly).  All the boys are showing great talent in their chosen careers nearly always in the placings, and developing and improving all the time

We have had success at the BEF futurites, taking 5 foals all of which gained first premiums.  Our Sambertino colt gained an Oldenburg foal premium and the Plot Blue filly graded into the KWPN stud book.  We have had two of our own mares, Barley Tiger and Roxsette accepted in to the main SHB (GB) stud book.  We have also had chance to see some cracking foals which belong to our clients, by our resident stallions go out competing with great success.

The stallions have also been busy, covering a wide selection of different mares and thanks to Roger Lee the stocks have also been very busy.

We have also had around 20 three year olds in to break.  All of which showed great trainability and now some have been sold, some gone back to their owners and the others earning a well earned winter break after working hard all summer. 

The start of the winter hasn't been any quieter.  The mare yard is now full of fluffy weanlings who are learning to be sociable and well mannered, as well as how to wear rugs and be led in and out everyday.  We have said some goodbyes to some of our foals who have gone to live with new owners and we wish their new owners every success with them.

We have already started planning for our open day next year, and will set the date very shortly.

As i type no snow has fallen yet so the winter is going well, so far!!

The lorry thought it may have a break and so did we!!  However with the Crowns Wonder Pearl out hunting and the boys doing dressage there is no rest for the wicked!!  But for the boys and ourselves this is the best time to get them out, with no mares to foal and very little vet work compared to the stud season.

This is the time of year when we have already started planning potential sires for our own mares, there is time to update the website and the facebook page, passports have been done for the foals, clipping is in full swing and we can relax a lttile before the busy stud season begins again with the first foal due in early March.

We wish all our clients old and new a very merry christmas and happy new year and look forward to seeing you next season.

Best Wishes

The Brackenspa Stud Team