In 2008 Crowns Wonder Pearl was presented to the ECHA for initial inspection. The initial inspection must be followed up by performace test the following year.

On September 20th 2009 the ECHA came to Brackenspa Stud to performance test Crowns Wonder Pearl, complete the initial inspection on Crowns Ace of Pearl - a visiting cremello stallion from Ireland - and to inspect both our colt foals by Crowns Wonder Pearl and our colt foal by Multicolor II GF.

How nice to have an inspection from home! The lack of travelling seems to make the day far more relaxed!! This was only slighly marred by the fact that we had prepared all of the horses for the Saturday and due to terrible traffic the judges did not arrive until the Sunday - a bit of extra plaiting and cleaning was necessary!!

We bagan the day with the mares and foals. Brackenspa Wonder Quartz, out of our hunter mare Cider, Brackenspa Wonder Carnelian, out of our WB mare Prada and Brackenspa Multi-Concept, out of Braeburn were all presented and all awarded premium, with Brackenspa Multi-Concept being given the highest award of the foals an average score of 8.75. Carnelian had an average score of 8.5 including a 9 for swing and elasticity and Quartz had an average score of 8.4.




We then moved on to the stallions. Ace was awarded Premium for his inital inspection - a super result for both him and his owner Jo Kimmins.


Crowns Wonder Pearl demonstrated to the judges how he had developed since they saw him a year ago. He showed intelligence and aptitude in his loose jumping, he scored 8.5 for his rideability and 9 for his behaviour and temperament - a fantastic result.


We shall look forward to the ECHA returning next September and would like to invite any foals by Crowns Wonder Pearl to join us on the day for grading and inspection.