2009 Foals

Revel arrived on 20/03/09. She is the first foal born at Brackenspa this year and is a very friendly little filly. Her Dam has taken to motherhood very well and is loving all the extra attention that baby Revel has brought.

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Crown's Wonder Peal's first foal arrived on 23/03/09. A super palamino filly. It was fantastic for all at Brackenspa to see our stallions first foal arrive into the world.

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2009 Foals (Part 2)

The first colt of 2009 - half brother to Revel - who arrived on 14th April. A super chap with lots of character who has already decided that half pass is his thing!


The first dun foal born at Brackenspa - a fabulous filly by Crown's Wonder Pearl out of a pure bred Percheron mare. Lilly has got some super markings and is already doing her sire proud. She is one of two dun foals born, by Crown's Wonder Pearl so far this year.


2009 Foals (Part 3)

April 12th, Hector finally arrives! 18 days late but well worth it. Maiden mare Cest La Vie produced a stunning colt by Erhaab.


April 17th - Graf's Way - half sister to Athen's Mumbo Jumbo gave birth to a super bay filly by Tornado FCS. Full of character, Tilly, appears to be following the family trait.


1st May, Athens Bright Spark has a lovely bay filly. The last foal by Graf Fenmaster. He full brother, Athens Lime Light, has turned into a super chap so we have high hope for this little lady.


Another super dun arrived on 2nd May. Crown's Wonder Pearl is certainly making his mark. We couldn't have asked for more. Prada has done us proud again this year and this chap is already turning heads! At just two days old he is already stamping his mark.


Bonita gave birth to a lovely colt by Macdeonio - Mac on 5th May. Although not named yet I am sure that his owners Sue Taylor and Kieron Owens are very pleased.


How stunning! Cyder produced a fantastic buckskin and white colt on 6th May ( 13 days early). By our Cremello stallion 'Crown's Wonder Pearl' we could not have asked for better. he has super markings and a wonderful attitude. At 2 days old in the pictures it will be great to see him as he un foalds.


The first foal by 'Athens Mumbo Jumbo' has arrived. A super bay filly. She is lovely and strong, has two back white fetlocks and a beautiful star. Congratulations to Pam, Heath and family on the arrival of their very special baby.


The first filly foal of 2009 for Resident Gypsy. A wonderfully marked little lady - named Harmony - it sounds like dam Kia is doing very well and that her owner, Sam Butler, is very pleased. If I could put in an order for a colt like that I would be happy!


Another super foal by 'Crown's Wonder Pearl'. Proud mummy Aero shows off her beautiful baby. Congratulations to Sue and Aero.


2009 Foals (Part 4)

Monty arrived on 14th May - 1 day early - at a very sociable lunchtime. Claremont - a maiden mare is doing a super job. Monty is by Resident Gypsy and has not got the usual amount of colour that we would expect but makes up for it in character! I am pretty sure he will grey out as he gets older so we shall wait an see Dad's influence.


Pockey arrived on 14th May as well - still quite a sociable hour - 9pm. Pretentious Mover has done a super job once again and sire - Resident Gypsy - has certainly stamped this one! In fact, a few people accused me of putting gloves on his ears!


Another filly for Abercadabra! Full sister to Athens Bewitched she arrived on due date - 22nd May!


Our first colt foal by Athens Mumbo Jumbo! Silver Sixpence decided that one of the windiest days was best and gave birth to her boy at 1.50pm! Keep your eye on him - he already takes after his sire.


Another buckskin! Szoszke produce a super colt by Rubin Star N 10 days early on 5th June. Look at this for a gorgeous head!


The first Multicolor foal born at Brackenspa arrived on 6th June. Another colt - that means that all the mares owned by Brackenspa have given us boys this year! This chap is super - he has his stockings as well which we love in his sire. So far he is proving a very laid back boy!