Crowns Wonder Pearl

Crowns Wonder Pearl

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Date Of Birth:





Danish Warmblood


Event Showjumping




Crown's White Pearl

Stud Fee:

£ 400


Crown's Wonder Pearl is a Cremello Danish Warmblood stallion. He stands at 15.3hh and carries approx 9'' of bone.


As a homozygous cremello stallion carrying the double dilute gene he will always pass on a dilute gene resulting in garaunteed palamino from chestnut mares or buckskin (dun) and palamino from other solid coloured mares. When covering a skewbald/piebald/spotty mares the dilute gene will still be passed on but the pattern is down to the mare, therefore resulting in an interesting mix. To dilute mares the result can be either cremello or perlino.  Crowns Wonder Pearl has been tested homozygous for the agouti gene

Crown's Wonder Pearl is proving to be a very popular stallion. In 2008, his first year standing at stud, he successfully covered a wide variety of mares. Not only does he garauntee the colour dilution but he is a super little horse. He was graded with the ECHA in the Autumn of 2008 and was awarded Hengstbuch 1 (stallion book 1) .  In 2009 he was also graded with the ZfDP.

In 2013 Crowns Wonder Pearl was inspected by the Breeders Elite studbook and subsequently licensed with them.

His cheeky character makes him indearing and his willingness to learn makes him an exciting prospect for the coming competition season. 

The first of his foals arrived in 2009 and we had a super mixture of buckskin, palamino and buckskin and white tobiano.  All of the foals have been nice natured, long legged, well put together strong types.  We look forward to watching them develop.

In 2010 there are quite a number of foals due from a wide variety of mares, all of which will be welcome to join us in September for the ECHA grading here at Brackenspa. As a sire Crowns Wonder Pearl seems to be growing ever more popular with mare owners looking to breed quality and correctness with the added bonus of guaranteed dilute colour.

In 2012 Crowns Wonder Pearl  embarked on his eventing career, and is showing great talent in all three phases.  2013 proved a really successful year for his eventing career.  Notching up many double clears and at his last event running in his first novice BE competition

Crown's Wonder Pearl is available by chilled semen at Brackenspa Stud and frozen semen stored at Stallion AI Services at Twemlows Hall.

Crown's Wonder Pearl will be standing at a stud fee of: £400 NFFR (chilled/frozen)



Brackenspa Wonder Carnelian (Prada)  Colt  Buckskin  ECHA  Graded Premium


Brackenspa Wonder Quartz (Cyder)  Colt  Buckskin & White  ECHA Graded Premium


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